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Моторная яхта HARAMA

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Harama in Greek means the sunrise...every sunrise in Harama is a warm welcome in the fascinating, joyful, relaxing life at sea which luxurious comfort provides. Built by the Cantier's Navals de L'Esterel, the undisputed pioneers of modern wood construction, Harama represents an optimism in fast, luxurious yachts, combining speed and sleek styling with strength and safety. The immensely strong Esterel wooden hull absorbs vibration and sound, enhancing the pleasure of cruising at speed in luxurious comfort.

The contemporary interior styling by the famous Frederic Mechice includes features and furnishings, such as the photographs at the limits of abstractions by Patrick Sarfati uniquely decorating the walls, which reflect the avant-garde style of this truly striking yacht.

Even with eight people on board, personal privacy is certain in the spacious and comfortable suites equipped with en suite bathrooms and complete music centers.

Спорт и досуг. Дополнительное оборудование

Full selection of water sports equipment including fishing, water ski, pair of rings, laswer sailing boat, wind surfing equipment, surf jet, jet ski & scuba diving gear.


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