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Nosy Be и коралловые острова

Остров NOSY BE находится между Мадагаскаром и Коморскими островами

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В общем представлении тропические острова это, прежде всего, кокосовые пальмы и белоснежный песок. Остров Nosy Be намного интереснее. Его главное преимущество - географическое местоположение. Помимо его культурной специфики, которая выражается в обрядах и традициях, здесь есть святые места (священные деревья), крошечные традиционные деревни (falafa).
У Nosy Be богатое историческое прошлое, которое тщательно сохраняется (Дворец Принца, королевские могилы, и т.д. …).
Некоторые обряды жителей индийской деревни несут следы культуры мигрантов с Занзибара и Коморских островов, которые прибыли сюда во времена интенсивных морских торговых периодов в Индийском океане. Другие исторические события были настолько существенными, что они дали свои имена к некоторым местностям - Mont Passot, Hellville, Baie des russes …. Nosy Be - это идеальное сочетание цивилизации и нетронутой природы. Здесь встречаются много разновидностей морских обитателей - черепахи, коньки, дельфины, киты. Эти места известны как место обитания безопасных китовых акул. Местные рифы - настоящие природные аквариумы.

Традиционные ветры дуют между июнем и ноябрем. С преобладанием - l’Avarabe с Северо-востока и Talio с Юго-запада. Температура комфортная - в реднем 25 °С, и вода остается теплой весь год, достигая летом 30 °С.

Маршрут для яхтинга на 11 дней / 10 ночей

Day 1: 2 ? h sailing
Arrival in Craty in the morning and boarding on the sailing boat. Set off for Tany Kely, a National park protected by a large reef. The perfect spot for snorkelling: the flora and fauna inside the lagoon are very rich and colourful. Visit of the island and its lighthouse. Depart to Nosy Komba in the afternoon. Night at Nosy Komba.

Day 2:
Also called Nosy Ambariovato, Nosy Komba, surrounded by breath taking rocks that host hundreds of lemurs that you can easily approach if you offer them a banana.
Visit Ampagorina and its craft shops where you can purchase beautiful embroidered bed sheets and table clothes. Moor overnight at Nosy Komba.

Day 3: 5 h sailing
Early morning departure towards the Mitsio islands, an archipelago made up of 6 islands and large rocks. Lunch in front of Nosy Tsarabanjina, “white Sand Island”. Perfect spot for swimming in crystal clear waters. In the afternoon sail to Grande Mitsio and moor overnight.

Day 4: 2 ? h sailing
Visit of Grande Mitsio, the only inhabited island of the archipelago and swimming. After lunch sail to Ankarea which is the highest point in the archipelago culminating at 283m.
On the west coast of this massive island, sparse endemic plants sit up like an army of guards, which is a contrast to the eastern part of the island that is extremely green. Back to Grande Mitsio for the night passing by the Cannes d’Orgues, very strange geological formation protruding out of the sea.

Day 5: 6 h sailing
Departure to Nosy Sakatia, a small Island of 6 km2 is a little paradise. Visiting this island you will discover wild vanilla, ylang ylang, pineapples and a primary forest that is still virgin. You may also spot the smallest chameleon in the world. Moor overnight at Nosy Sakatia.

Day 6: 3h sailing
Departure towards Russian Bay. This place will surprise you by the wealth of his wildlife and his flora. Unusual by his name that comes from the war between Russian and Japanese in 1907. The 2nd biggest bay in the world after Rio de Janeiro bay. Myriad of different songs originating animals of the mangrove will accompanies you during your night…

Day 7: 7 h sailing
Departure early in the morning. Nosy Iranja is composed from 2 heavenly island linked by a sand white accessible bench on foot to low tide. According to “iles magazine” this is one of the 10th most beautiful islands in the world. Crystal clear waters, lighthouse to visit and a bar for have a drink. After lunch course on Nosy Antanimora for the night.

Day 8: 5 h sailing
Nosy Antanimora that means in Malagasy « easy earth », again a dream destination for the dived or the lazing around on the sun baths. For the lunch course on Nosy Berafia is the biggest island of the archipelago. Its landscapes and its constructions have the perfume of the colonial years. An excursion to land will allow you to realize how was the life looking like during this period. Moor overnight at Nosy Antanimora.

Day 9: 4 h sailing
After 2 sailing hours you will reach Nosy Kalakajoro, very interesting for the snorkelling and its village where you can see how they still built the typical vessel of Malagasy the “Boutre”. Middle afternoon departure towards Baramahamay River and moor overnight.

Day 10: 6 h sailing
After the visit of the village and its school which counts 63 pupils, departure to Tanly Kely, a National Marine Park, the perfect spot to rest, sunbath, swim and snorkel during your last afternoon. Sail back to Crater in the afternoon and moor overnight.

Day 11: Disembarkation at 6:00 am

Расстояния между островами и маринами

Аренда каюты в круизном чартере

Explore the unspoiled islands of Nosy Be onboard the largest and most comfortable catamarans of the Indian Ocean.
You will be pampered by our crews and discover exclusive islands, the hidden paradise of Madagascar.
We have carefully selected five cruises to show you the nicest locations to give you a beautiful round trip of the Archipelago.
Onboard you have your own private double cabin with en-suite bathroom. Our cook will prepare for you exquisite recipes with fresh local products, especially tropical fruits, vegetables and fish. Please have a look on the menu samples.

The cabin cruises are offered on our Madagascar odyssey (Nautitech 82'):

Island K Yote ( marquises 56' ) : more info
17 m
full crew of 2
8 guests maximum
4 spacious double cabins with private en-suite bathroom & fishing gear
watersports onboard: snorkelling equipment and waterski
complete diving equipment & compressor on board (no instructor)

Our cruises: Rates
1. Itinerary 7 days / nights
2. Itinerary 8 days / 7 nights

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